Mastering Change اتقان التغيير


Change is inevitable. Are you able to maintain your focus and effectiveness during critical periods? In this course you will receive valuable tools and insights for navigating the most difficult aspects of personal and business evolution. Through group discussion, and case studies, you will learn how to manage your responses to sudden and ongoing change, enabling optimal productivity and maximum benefits across the organization.


To enhance the participants’ abilities of coaching others through understanding and analyzing performance problems.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Maintain credibility with non-technical clients, customers and users

  • Recognize the opportunities presented by change

  • Leverage your strengths during change to become a source of stability and reason for others

  • Learn effective communication styles to deal with interpersonal conflicts that hinder your professional effectiveness

  • Develop a proactive and skilled approach to managing personal, departmental, team-based and organizational changes


  • Definition of Change?
  • The unique attributes and challenges of change for technical professionals
  • Using communications and empathetic skills to promote a win/win approach to change
  • Complete a self-assessment to better understand your personal responses to change
  • How to address the emotional aspects of change
  • Getting buy-in for critical technical resource development during periods of transition
  • Action plans for implementation and success in times of change

Who Can Benefit?

Top Management, executives, managers, supervisors, project managers and team leaders