Developing Behavioral & Leadership Skills for Managers تطوير المهارات السلوكية والقيادية للمديرين


The purpose of this course is to introduce leaders to the concepts of behavioral assessment using the accepted psychological theories of personality and human behavior to understand and influence behavior change in other individuals. Armed with a substantial theory base, executives will be given an opportunity to begin using this data to identify the behaviors and needs of those with whom they work at all levels to influence their behavior-and to produce behavior change.


To enhance the participants’ Knowledge, Abilities and Skills necessary to achieve goals through managing managers.


By the end of the Course, participant will be able to:

  • Identify the main characteristics of effective leader

  • Establish a culture that promotes trust, integrity and high performance

  • Influence others

  • Be successful as coach, motivator and mentor

  • See how they currently influence the behavior of others through their current theory

  • Understand how to use personality theory from an eclectic perspective in understanding human personality development and what each theory has to offer in influencing behavior

  • Recognize four to six theories of personality based on the profile of the characteristics of the group and their identified needs in understanding human behavior

  • Develop a "tool box" of techniques for use in influencing the behavior of others

  • Develop a desire to learn more about the process of influencing behavior

  • Clearly communicate mission, vision, values


  • Behavioral differences between managers and leaders
  • The Process of Influence - Influencing the Performance of Others
  • Readiness Levels - Assessing Criteria for Performance
  • Leader Behavior—Leadership Styles
  • Building Trust, Using Vision, Setting Strategy and Creating the Culture

Who Can Benefit?

Mid-level managers or executives