Training Design & Delivery Skills مهارات تصميم وتنفيذ التدريب


Participants will be introduced to the strategies and related methods of obtaining approval for, designing and delivering targeted training programs. This course is geared towards training managers and those interested in becoming their organization's internal-training consultant.


Develop a critical understanding of ways to use training and development as strategic tools that improves both the organization's effectiveness and bottom line. Learn ways to design, deliver and manage the training investment.


By the end of this Course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of HRM and identify the objectives commonly set to achieve this purpose

  • Summarize the activities associated with how employers obtain, develop, utilize, evaluate, maintain and retain the appropriate numbers and types of employees

  • Determine the HR responsibilities.

  • Describe job analysis and job descriptions

  • Describe some of the major day-to-day activities associated with HRM.

  • Examine the common provisions of a collective agreement and explain its impact on HRM


  • Developing a strategic-training focus
  • Determining your organization's training and development needs
  • Conducting return-on-investment analyses to sell your program
  • Designing and delivering training programs and interventions
  • Understanding the principles and concepts of adult learning
  • Conducting an exciting and stimulating group-training session
  • Creating online skills-training systems
  • Improving your personal training-delivery skills

Who Can Benefit?

Training Managers, organisation development practitioners, and human resource development managers