New Trends in HRM الاتجاهات الحديثة في إدارة الموارد البشرية


This 5-day course helps upper-middle HR professionals gain practical insights into the advanced concepts and applications including auditing and restructuring the HR function, linking HR plans & strategies to organization’s goals, HR information systems, in addition to other vital aspects of state-of-the art applications.


To enhance the participants’ Knowledge, Abilities and Skills necessary to manage HR activities, including staffing, recruiting and training the best employees, dealing with performance issues and ensuring personnel and management practices conform to various regulations and policies


By the end of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of roles, responsibilities and opportunities for today’s HR professional

  • Define his role and create an action plan

  • Optimize the impact of HR programs

  • Gain more confidence


  • HR challenges
  • Strategic human resources
  • Finding the right people
  • Retaining and motivating employee – compensation and benefits
  • Legislation in the workplace
  • Performance management
  • Investment in employee growth

Who Can Benefit?

HR Managers, training Managers, organisation development practitioners, human resource development managers and line managers