Managing Effective Training and Development Function ادارة الوظيفة الفعالة للتدريب والتطوير إدارة الوظيفة الفعالة للتدريب والتطوير


Training and development provide competitive advantage for organizations, and build skills, motivation and morale in staff. This 5-day training course covers you tools, tips and techniques to ensure that the training & development function can strategically manage training and development, link training and development to the company’s key objectives, prioritize training and development activities, and get the best return on investment in training and development


To enhance the participants’ knowledge, abilities and skills necessary to learn all about training, from planning to implementation and measurement of the return of training investment


By the end of the course, participant will be able to:

  • Make a strategic contribution to the training department

  • Lead the training function using a strategic approach

  • Implement a framework for planning and organizing the training function.

  • Identify training needs.

  • Identify the key activities needed to manage training staff to ensure his best performance

  • Apply the course content to improve the organization's focus and current operation of his department.

  • Assess the effectiveness of the training function.

  • Measure and evaluating the return on the training investment

  • Course outlines

  • The strategic role of the training manager

  • Training manager and couch and mentor

  • Managing a training and development department

  • Key elements of the training policy

  • Empowerment & involving managers

  • Identification of training needs

  • Career development

  • Approaches and types of training: When and how to implement each.

  • Assessing internal and external training resources.

  • Finance and budgets

  • Performance management

  • Writing a business development plan for the department / mission statements

  • Personal issues driving forward change

Who Can Benefit?

HR Managers, training Managers, organisation development practitioners, and human resource development managers