Successfully Managing People الإدارة الناجحة للبشر


This 5-day course is designed to provide a foundation for ongoing personal and professional development. Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the challenges that exist in managing people and process and will exhibit a heightened awareness of values and personal style and their impact on critical situation analysis and resolution


The participants will gain knowledge, abilities and skills needed for managing people more effectively


By the end of this Course the participant will be able to:

  • Motivate and direct the people he/she relies on—even if they don’t share his/her values

  • Get more done by using the appropriate delegation techniques for any given situation

  • Learn to reduce conflict, get commitment, produce results

  • Respond effectively to difficult people and poor performers and turn them into team players

  • Increase his confidence, leadership skills and personal and professional satisfaction in his job


  • How to be a Manager
  • How Values Influence the Thinking and Actions of Managers
  • Motivation, Conflict and Delegation
  • Organizational Culture and Subculture
  • Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Leadership

Who Can Benefit?

Directors, managers or professionals with management responsibilities – in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors