Six Sigma


Stress is normal, but a successful approach to it can make a difference. Participants in this course learn tips and techniques, and gain new tools to deal effectively with difficult circumstances. Content addresses situations that seem impossible, as well as time pressures, changes in life and work, and everyday challenges. Develop a new outlook to change perspective at work and beyond. Managing Stress and Pressure at Work training course is for anyone encountering pressure in the working environment and who would like to feel better equipped to handle it. The course teaches you how to stand up to stress and how to see it as an opportunity for personal growth and development and not a threat. It teaches many proven skills that we can use to manage stress, remain calm and effective in high pressure situations, and helps to avoid the problems of long term stress.


The course is aiming to develop knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of stress, to enable participants to identify their internal and external stressors, and to recognize the effects of stress on the physical and emotional well-being.


By the end of this Course the participant will be able to:

  • Reduce stress level

  • Be more in control of their daily activities

  • Increase confidence handling difficult behavior in others

  • Manage colleagues and friends effectively

  • Enjoy a more balanced lifestyle

  • Increase work effectiveness and productivity

  • Increase productivity through more effective communication

  • Make sure that your work suit your qualifications

  • Provide better services for others

  • Review and evaluate your achievements

  • Learn how to get fair treatment in work

  • Divide the work and share with others

  • Ignore all the bad circumstances


  • What is stress?
  • Understanding sources of stress
  • Recognizing stress symptoms
  • Appreciating the positive side of stress
  • Developing a stress management plan
  • Causes and symptoms of stress
  • Short term and long term stress
  • Some simple tools for assessing personal stress
  • Stress in relation to performance
  • Health risk appraisal
  • Identifying Work stressors & Coping Techniques
  • The physical, psychological and emotional impact
  • Identifying various strategies for managing stress
  • Managing your time