Self Directed Work Teams-(SDWT) (Workshop) فرق العمل ذاتية الإدارة ـ ورشة عمل


No doubt that it is so easy to create the structure for work teams, but it is harder to create effectively functioning teams of people. The problem is how to communicate as a team member effectively, how to share feedback, and understand key elements of team meetings. This 5-day Workshop helps participant to learn about the nature of teams, how to communicate effectively, and the essentials of sharing feedback, and key elements of team meetings, in order to be effective as a facilitator or member of a self-directed work team


To enhance the participant’s Knowledge, Abilities and Skills necessary to be an effective facilitator or member of a self-directed work team

Workshop Objective:

By the end of this Workshop the participant will be able to:

Understand different types of SDWTs

Convert successfully to the SDWT environment

Recognize and accept the new role of supervisors in SDWTs


  • Characteristics of SDWTs
  • Effective team members
  • Supervisors’ and managers’ roles
  • Mentor or tormentor
  • Stages of SDWT development
  • Motivation or empowerment
  • Reality of self-direction
  • Managing change
  • The pursuit of perfection
  • Problem solving for continuous improvement

Who Can Benefit?

Employees, managers and supervisors in the self-directed work-team atmosphere