Effective Internal Auditor المراجع الداخلي الفعال


The role of the internal auditor has changed dramatically over the last decade and that it will continue to do so. The question is: how many internal audit functions comprise staff with the right skills and competencies? No doubt there is a true need for not just the technical skills but the interpersonal skills that really make individuals effective in their roles.

This 5-day Course will give participants the opportunity to try out some of the skills needed to become effective Internal Auditors


To enhance the participants’ Knowledge, Abilities and Skills necessary to employ the financial controls and audits and to prepare the financial and control reports


By the end of the Course the participant will be able to:

  • Define internal auditing and internal control

  • Determine the Elements of manual and computerized internal control system

  • Evaluate internal control system

  • Develop internal control system

  • Act as an internal auditor


  • Internal control
  • Internal auditing and internal control
  • Elements of manual and computerized internal control system
  • Internal auditing: The most important element of internal control system
  • Evaluation of internal control system
  • Development of internal control system
  • Internal control and Human Behavior
  • Objective
  • How to Act? (Employ the Right People, Use modern Techniques, Interview to Elicit Information, Report Writing)

Who Can Benefit?

Accountants, Internal Auditors, Controllers, and Executives